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SAN FRANCISCO, October 31, 2003 --

Pairs Traders Mine More Gold With 4S.Klondike

Pairs and relative value traders mining high potential trading opportunities can now drop the tedious pick and shovel approach and crank up a power tool.

4th Story, LLC, a premier provider of software that identifies and manages trading opportunities for broker-dealers and institutional investors, announced the general release of 4S.Klondike, its relationship mining platform for pairs traders.

Traders use 4S.Klondike like a high-powered, tunable sieve to quickly mine large volumes of securities data to identify pairs trading opportunities using time series analysis based on correlation, ratios, regression and other analytics. 4S.Klondike rapidly identifies pairs "nuggets" which can then be traded directly or run through a pairs trading model hosted in 4th Story's foundation product, 4S.Yellowstone, Excel or another application.

4S.Klondike is an institutional-strength tool for traders and portfolio managers to quickly find non-obvious pairs opportunities using their own custom selection criteria and ranking systems. The product provides full visibility and extensive graphical representation of the calculated statistics to facilitate analysis and works across multiple asset classes and data types.

"Traders told us they were spending too much time analyzing pairs one at a time with existing tools," explained Steven Smith, Chief Executive Officer of 4th Story. "4S.Klondike will tremendously increase their efficiency in uncovering the most interesting trading ideas and opportunities."

Security pairs identified using 4S.Klondike can be exported seamlessly into 4S.Yellowstone, 4th Story's platform for developing, testing, optimizing and operating complex automated strategies. Both products also integrate tightly with third-party products such as Microsoft Excel, facilitating further manipulation of pairs analytics and time series data and allowing trading strategies to be called directly from spreadsheets.

About 4th Story (www.4thstory.com)

4th Story, LLC is a software firm focused on enabling trading opportunities. The company's products give the user the power of rapid testing and implementation of arbitrarily complex automated and algorithmic trading strategies. The company develops its products on the Microsoft .Net platform.