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London and New York, 2 Apr 2007 --

Data quality management paired with automated trading platform to speed strategist's time to market

Xenomorph, the leading provider of cross-asset data management solutions, and 4th Story, a specialist in algorithmic trading strategy and software, announced today that they have swiftly completed integrating Xenomorph's TimeScape and 4th Story's product suite to offer a best of breed solution for automated trading strategists.

The combined offering is targeted at hedge funds, proprietary trading desks and other financial institutions requiring high speed access to massive volumes of accurate time series and tick data for backtesting and operating automated and algorithmic trading strategies.

In order to gain and maintain competitive advantage, financial markets institutions must address the challenge of data quality and transparency in algorithmic trading. A key element in managing ever-larger universes of data is ensuring the data is accurate, since only with clean data can good trading models be built and executed. Risk managers and regulators have been aware of data quality as a key issue for the market and this same issue is equally relevant to algorithmic and automated trading.

“Deriving clean data for back-testing and automated trading is a key issue for our clients,” said Brian Sentance, CEO at Xenomorph. “By combining the best in data management with the best in automated trading, Xenomorph and 4th Story are providing customers with the ability to automate the processing of data that matters, quickly eliminate data that doesn't and execute on trading opportunities.”

“TimeScape's extensive storage, data management and customisable analytics capabilities coupled with 4th Story's strategy back-testing and execution platform enables firms to exploit the upside of algorithmic trading more quickly and thoroughly,” said Steve Smith, CEO of 4th Story.

About Xenomorph (www.Xenomorph.com)

Xenomorph delivers real-time analytics and data management solutions to the financial markets. Our TimeScape technology leverages our clients' proprietary expertise, and in so doing enables faster time to market for new financial products, new risk techniques and new trading ideas.

Trading, research, risk, product control, IT and back-office staff use Xenomorph's TimeScape cross-asset data management platform at investment banks, hedge funds and asset management institutions across the world's main financial centres.

About 4th Story (www.4thstory.com)

4th Story, LLC is a software firm focused on enabling trading opportunities. The company's products give the user the power of rapid testing and implementation of arbitrarily complex automated and algorithmic trading strategies.